Current version: v1.0
Released on June 18, 2016
For Android devices: Google Play Store

Battlecade is the battle arcade (Get it? Arenít we clever?!) where you have the chance to prove your superiority over your friends, family or total strangers if you prefer, it's all good with us!

In Battlecade, you'll play a series of mini-games in rounds of play with the goal of getting a higher total score than your opponent. Some of the games will look familiar, others not so much, but all will be fun for sure! You'll have 60 seconds per game to amass as high a score as you can and whoever has the highest total score when all rounds are complete will be declared the winner with all the bragging rights that earns you (which is not really very much at all... but hey, it'll be fun anyway!)

Battlecade allows you to practice all the mini-games as much as you want to hone your skills for battle, which you can do whether you're online or not. But, when you're ready, go online and challenge your family, friends or really anyone you want, we won't judge your (good-natured, we expect) bloodthirsty-ness! You'll be able to play against anyone on any platform Battlecade is available on too, so no need to argue about which mobile OS is the best, you can prove it by beating those heathens on those other OS's ;)

Battlecade currently contains 20 mini-games and more will be added over time.

Even if you never want to play against anyone online Battlecade will provide you a good selection of quick-hit games that can keep you entertained while waiting for your turn in the dentist's chair, or in line at the DMV, waiting to check out at the local mega-store or during commercials waiting for your favorite TV show to come back on. It's good for kids and adults alike! In fact, Battlecade may well be the only game you ever need to install since it's quite literally many games in one! Sure, it may not be a AAA title on your favorite console, but it'll be fun... and in the end, isn't that all that matters?

Now, get in there and battle... in Battlecade! (sorry, we couldn't resist, that was too obvious of a final line to not use!)